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i-Genius O3Zona
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i-Genius O3Zona

Disinfection and sanitization at their
maximum potential.

i-Genius O3Zona is an ozone cabinet, based on many years of experience of Renzacci S.p.A., a world leader in the sector of industrial and professional laundry machinery.

Thanks to the direct production of ozone, it allows to disinfect and sanitize gowns, clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) in very short cycles, effectively breaking down all kinds of contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold) and moreover eliminating bad smells.

The residual ozone, highly toxic to humans, is completely eliminated at the end of each cycle, thanks to a forced ventilation system through active carbon filters. When the door is opened, the garments inside will be perfectly disinfected and sanitized and there will be no trace of ozone.

i-Genius O3Zona key information


i-Genius O3Zona, on the market since 2012, is the result of Renzacci S.p.A.’s experience in the field of sanitizing for professional and industrial washing.


i-Genius O3Zona is CE certified for specific uses and tested, by independent laboratories, for pathogenic contaminant removal.


i-Genius O3in very short cycles, even of only 20 minutes, transforms the oxygen contained in it into ozone, disinfects and sanitizes the content and ensures removal of the residual ozone.


The reduction of bacterial, viral and fungal contamination on objects and garments contained in i-Genius O3Zona is almost total (99.99%), without risk for the operator.

Areas of use.

i-Genius O3Zona is very versatile and is suitable for use in many sectors, from domestic to large industry, but its small size, ease of use and very low energy consumption make it a perfect tool for sanitizing in many professional environments.


The need to disinfect and sanitize uniforms, gowns and other PPEs has always been important in the dental sector. In this sense, the necessary attention to operators and patients has become much more relevant after the Covid-19 pandemic. i-Genius O3Zona, allows to sanitize clothing and PPEs after use with each patient, drastically reducing costs for disposable material and detergents, and reducing the environmental impact of the activity. Quickly and safely.


Wellness, personal care, beauty and massage centres will no longer be the same after the Covid-19 pandemic. The fear of contagion and the measures to avoid it are profoundly changing the sector. i-Genius O<SUB>3</SUB>Zona, allows to sanitize clothing, towels, and PPEs after use with each guest, drastically reducing costs for disposable material and detergents, and reducing the environmental impact of the activity. Shorter times and minimum costs.


In this sector, after the Covid-19 pandemic, operators are required to withdraw from the shop and sanitize all garments touched or tested by customers, for safety reasons. This procedure often results in the unavailability of garments in multiple sizes for an average of 48 hours, including collection, steam cleaning and mandatory stand rest. i-Genius O<SUB>3</SUB>Zona, allows to sanitize all garments tested or handled by customers in very short cycles. The garment can be available again within 20 minutes of the previous test.


It breaks down the bacterial and viral load carried from one area to another by disinfecting or sanitising clothing, PPEs and footwear. Can be placed in vestibules/changing rooms at the interface of areas (e.g. laboratories vs. offices) where sterility is not required. It limits the cost of purchasing and disposing of disposable materials and significantly reduces the washing interval for non disposable PPEs.


Buy i-Genius O3Zona

Contact us directly to request an offer and to ask your questions about functionalities and features of the ozone cabinet that will drastically simplify the management of contaminating charges in your professional activity.

Technical information and Features

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Automated Regular, Advance and Extreme cycles to personalize the results.
  • Dry-to-Dry machine: the goods are dry both when they go in and come out of the machine without undergoing bathing and humidification processes, and heat and molecular stress.
  • No external exhaust and/or suction equipment.
  • Long-life equipment to generate the sanitizing and hygienizing process without the need to carry out particular maintenance.
  • 000 cycles UV Lamp.
  • Almost no components that need to be dismantled and replaced periodically for ordinary maintenance.
  • Better exploitation of the inner space thanks to the compacter equipment that generates the sanitizing and hygienizing process, permitting a more ergonomic housing of the goods to be treated.
  • Machinery with industrial structure and housing for longer duration.
  • Dimensions:800mm L X 650 mm D X 1.730 mm H.
  • Empty weight: 95 Kg.
  • Works with a very low nominal power (0,25 Kw/h) single-phase 220 V supply.
  • Minimal power consumption (less than a hair-dryer)
  • No auxiliary products to assure the results
    No additional HR costs to be operated
  • Extremely ecological and environment respectful product.
  • Very low power cosumption
  • Significantly reduces the costs of washing/replacing and disposing of Personal Protective Equipment (gowns, shoes, masks, disposable clothing, etc.).
  • No need for detergents and cleansers to operate
  • No allergenic products on sanitized items

O3 The most efficient and less invasive disinfectant agent.

One of nature’s most powerful oxidizers (second only to elemental fluorine), ozone has been used as a powerful organic disinfectant and sanitizer since the early 1900s. Ozone is widely used for water treatment, including disinfection of municipal water supplies, swimming pools, spas, cooling towers, and sewage treatment plants. Today, nearly all bottled water is treated with ozone. The United States Department of Agriculture accepted ozone as safe and suitable for use in the production of meat and poultry products in 2000 (Final Ruling), and the United States Food and Drug Administration approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for food in 2001.

Ozone (O³) is a gas made up of 3 oxygen atoms combined in a ring. It is a gas that has a distinct smell, and is about one and a half times heavier than air. It is an unstable gas that easily decomposes into molecular oxygen.

Ozone is created in nature during a thunderstorm, and continuously from the sun’s rays but cannot be stored – for disinfection applications it must be physically generated on site.

Ozone is recognized as an effective disinfectant agent by the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases and by the World Health Organization.


Effects and benefits

  • Ozone is a gas consisting of only one component: oxygen
  • Unlike aggressive liquid sanitizers and disinfectants, ozone gas penetrates the padding and the fabric where spray disinfectants and common disinfectants cannot go
  • Unlike other disinfectants, such as chlorine, ozone gas does not damage or affect the integrity of the fabric or padding
  • Ozone gas can disinfect non-washable fabrics and items
  • Ozone can eliminate the use of hot water and washing detergents.
  • Ozone substantially reduces offensive odors, which are likely the result of the decay of bacteria and viruses.
  • Ozone does not damage, discolor or significantly reduce the life of articles made of paper, wood, metal or glass fabric and most plastics.