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Bacterial Leakage and Microgap along Implant-Abutment Connection in Three Different Implant Systems.

A microgap between implant and abutment connection can act as a bacterial source and cause inflammation, even endanger Osseointegration and subsequently change clinical and histological parameters. The goal of this study was to evaluate the microgap and microbial leakage of implant-abutment connection in three different implant systems. In this experimental study, 28 implants in 3 groups (10 Zimmer with conical connection of 8 degrees, 10 Dentium with conical connection of 11 degrees, 8 Test implants with conical connection of 16 degrees) were used. Microleakage of Escherichia coli was assessed at intervals of 5, 24, 48 hours and 2 weeks. Microgap was measured at 4 random points by scanning electron microscope. Data were analysed by Spss version 22 and kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, Chisquare, Kaplan- Meier tests. (α=0.5) Mean microgap was 4.8µm (±2.2) in Zimmer group, 3.1µm (±1.4) in Implantium group and 16.9µm (±8.7) in test group. After 2 weeks from start of the study, 20 percent of Zimmer and Dentium implants and 25 percent of test implant showed microleakage. Microleakage between Zimmer and Dentium implants was not significant; however, there was a significant difference between test implant and other groups. Microbial leakage was observed in all three implant systems. Although; there were differences in microgap between three groups, Microbial leakage was not statistically significant.

Dental implants have had a revolutionary effect on prosthetic treatments [1]. Long term success of dental implants is well proven and histological factors [2, 3]. Despite of tremendous success of dental implants, there have been reported shortcomings related to mechanical and microbial factors [4-6]. In two piece implant systems, abutment is connected to the implant by mechanical means and therefore, there will be a gap between implant and abutment [7, 8].

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