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Use of Silver Nanoparticles Reduces Internal Contamination of External Hexagon Implants by Candida Albicans

By: V.Matsubara, F. Igai, R. Tamaki, P.Tortamano, A. Edson, M. Mori.

Since the dental implant/abutment interface cannot totally seal the passage of microorganisms, the interior of implant becomes a reservoir of pathogenic microorganisms that produce and maintain chronic inflammation in the tissues around implants. Silver nanoparticles (nano-Ag) are potent and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents. The aim of this study was to evaluate the capacity of the nano-Ag to prevent the contamination of the implant internal surface by Candida Albicans, caused by the implant/abutment microgap infiltration.

Thirty-six implants were used in this experiment. Three study groups were performed: experimental group (implants receiving an application of nano- Ag in their inner cavity before installation of the abutment); positive-control group (implants receiving sterile phosphate buffer saline application instead of nano-Ag) and negative-control group (implants receiving the application of nano-Ag in the inner cavity and immersed in a sterile medium). In the positive-control and experimental groups, the implants were immersed in a Candida albicans suspension. The abutments of all three groups were screwed with a 10 N torque. After 72 h of immersion in C. Albicans suspension or sterile medium, the abutments were removed and the inner surface of the implants was sampled with absorbent paper cone for fungal detection. No C. albicans contamination was observed in the negative-control group. The positive-control group showed statistically higher values of colony forming units (CFUs) of C.  Albicans compared with the experimental group. In conclusion, silver nanoparticles reduced C. Albicans colonization inside the implants, even with low torque screw abutment.

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