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SilverPlug® is the ONLY worldwide patented, registered and certified specific Active Sealant for the dental implant tunnel.

Easy to handle, insert and extract, SilverPlug® helps Dental Professionals to effectively reduce the bacterial load inside implants, thus reducing the risk of insurgence of peri-implantitis in Patients.

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SilverPlug® is a Class IIA medical device made of a polymer containing SILVER ZEOLITE, a natural antibacterial.
SilverPlug® does not release any silver in the body.
SilverPlug®, by contact, drastically reduces the percentage of anaerobic bacteria inside the implant tunnel, which result one of the most pathogenic cause of peri-implantitis.
The reduction of bacteria contamination inside the implant, preserves surrounding soft tissue from inflammatory processes and helps reducing the risk of the insurgence of peri-implantitis.

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