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Peri-implantitis second most common complication following dental implant therapy

Interesting overview on the additional costs of implant replacements due to the insurgence of Peri-implatitis, from the doctoral research of Swedish Dr. Karolina Karlsson in association with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, reported by journalist Franziska Beier on Dental Tribune International. 
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By: Franziska Beier, Dental Tribune International.


Dental records and radiographs of 2,765 adult patients were evaluated, from the archives of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Of these, 596 individuals were clinically examined nine years after their treatment with dental implants: 42% had been affected by at least one biological or technical complication during the follow-up period. Peri-implantitis was recorded as the second most common complication (19.0%). Implant loss, which was observed in 8% of the participants, was reported to result in the highest total cost (US$2,403/€2,012) followed by combinations of different complications (US$2,347). The cost for technical complications and peri-implantitis were similar at US$1,614 and US$1,619 respectively.

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